How to Use the Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Deceleration Selectors

October 11th, 2018 by

Honda Clarity Dashboard

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Find out how to use the Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Deceleration Selectors at Dover Honda. Taking advantage of modern technology and the Honda Clarity user-friendly driver interface, this Honda technology keeps Rochester drivers safe while providing a convenient option!

Using the Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Deceleration Selectors


Using deceleration paddle selectors to slow an electric vehicle down produces efficient battery charging and increased your driving range. Clarity’s Deceleration Selectors positioned behind the steering wheel like traditional paddle shifters offer 4 levels of regenerative braking. Think of a manual transmission that allows you to slow the vehicle down gear by gear as you downshift without touching the break. The Deceleration Selectors act much the same way, only you get something extra: electric current going to the battery pack.

Using the paddles to decelerate will enhance regenerative braking and help recharge the battery. 4 levels of regenerative braking are available through the paddles. Pulling the minus paddle located to the left increases the regenerative braking effect, providing a feel similar to downshifting a conventional car. The first click down on the minus paddle provides the mildest braking. The second click down offers more braking and so on until the 4th level. Pulling the plus paddle located to the right decreases the regenerative braking until the normal level is restored.

When Sport mode is engaged, the regenerative braking will remain at the level selected until another is chosen. This provides a more spirited driving experience. In HV or Econ Drive mode, the regenerative braking will return to the normal level automatically after a few seconds. Econ mode helps increase driving range by softening responsiveness and enhancing regenerative braking. Using this form of braking is not only efficient at supplying current to the battery, it also helps reduce brake wear, thereby helping to reduce maintenance costs, and of course, it’s also a fun driving experience, especially when in Sport mode.

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