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How to Clean a Car Windshield Inside

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Knowing how to clean a car windshield inside and out to a streak-free shine is important to keep your windshield clear of debris or moisture that could hamper visibility on Stratham roads. Do you know the tried and true methods of how to clean inside car windows? Many Saco drivers wonder, “Can you use Windex on car windows?” Learn how to clean a car windshield, inside and out, with this guide from the service team at Dover Honda. 



How to Clean Inside Car Windows

There’s no difference in cleaning the windows or the car windshield after a trip near Salem – the methods for how to clean inside car windows are the same. And can you use Windex on car windows? Follow these simple steps to cleaning inside car windows below:

  • To remove grime, wipe the glass with a clean microfiber cloth 
  • Then, spray a glass cleaner, like Windex, directly onto a cloth and wipe down the inside of your windows and windshield.
  • With another clean microfiber towel, apply rubbing alcohol to one side and wipe down the inside surfaces of the window to remove grease and built-up oils.
  • Finally, one coat of glass cleaner or glass polish will give you crystal-clear transparency!

Can You Use Windex on Car Windows?

A lot of drivers wonder, “Can you use Windex on car windows?” Yes, you can use Windex! However, when Windexing car windows, keep a few details in mind:

  • If you have tinted windows, Windex might not be the best idea. Despite there being no evidence that Windex with ammonia causes issues on factory-tinted car windows; if you’ve got a third-party tint, you might want to skip the Windex.
  • Be extra careful using Windex inside your vehicle. The chemicals could discolor your leather seats permanently.

Have questions about the effects of cleaning products on your upholstery or tinted windows? Speak to our service team!

More Tips and Tricks

Have more questions? Read these tips and tricks to cleaning your car’s windows:

  • If you keep ending up with streaks or lint, swap your paper towels for a microfiber cloth.
  • Can’t quite reach the corners of the windshield? Our parts department supplies a handy reach-and-clean tool.
  • Want to scrub more efficiently? To start, use circular motions on the surface of the glass and end with vertical motions to prevent streaks.

Schedule an Appointment with Service Team at Dover Honda

Now that you know how to clean a car windshield, inside and out, contact us at Dover Honda with any questions! Wondering about your car maintenance schedule? The technicians at our service center will happily create a schedule to keep your vehicle in optimal condition.

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