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Looking for quality car tires in Dover, NH? At Dover Honda, we understand that buying tires for your Honda can be confusing and overwhelming—and we know you’ve got a lot of questions! What size Honda tires do I need? What speed rating is right for my car? Should I buy all-season tires or winter tires? How do I decipher tire numbers?

Our team can answer all of your tire replacement questions, but if you’d like to get started on your own, our Online Tire Store makes it easier to find what you need! With a few clicks, you can select the tires specifically built for your Honda and schedule the installation. Simply input the year, make, model, and trim of your vehicle—and the correct manufacturer-recommended Honda tires will appear.

Your Source for Affordable Honda Tires Near Concord

Many people opt to shop at the big-box stores hoping to find cheaper tire maintenance and cheaper new tires. This is simply not the case! An authorized dealership offers the same quality tires for the same price—and sometimes less—while providing a far higher level of service and a better buying experience. You don’t have to take our word for it; just take a look below to compare prices! And, when you purchase tires at Dover Honda, you will have a factory-trained technician completing the job from start to finish.

*Prices confirmed May 2022.

Key Tire Maintenance & Service Items

Tire Rotations – A tire rotation involves rotating the tires to different positions on the vehicle. In order to maximize the life of your tires and ensure that they wear evenly, it is important to rotate your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.
Tire Repair – Running over a nail or a sharp object does not always require you to purchase a new tire. At our Express Service Lane, we can plug a punctured tire in minutes.
Tire Balancing – Balancing the tires on your Honda ensures even weight distribution across the vehicle. If the weight is not evenly distributed, it can lead to vibrations, excessive tire wear, and other problems.
Wheel Alignment – Have you ever felt your car pulling to one side or another? This happens when the alignment of your wheels is off. A wheel alignment is actually an adjustment to your car’s suspension. The suspension is what connects the wheels to the body of the vehicle.
Tire Mounting– Whether you are installing new tires or swapping out summer tires for winter ones, our factory-trained Honda technicians will properly install your tires.

When Do I Need to Replace my Tires?

At Dover Honda, we recommend that you replace your tires every 50,000 to 60,000 miles or when your tires reach a tread depth of 5/32 – 4/32. Living in New England, your car and tires experience more wear and tear than other places in the county. The graphic below indicates when new tires should be purchased:

  • 10/32 – 6/32 – These tires have enough tread and are considered safe. Timely tire alignments and rotations will extend the life of these tires.
  • 5/32 – 4/32 – These tires will pass inspection but you should consider replacing them soon.
  • 3/32 – 1/32 – These tires need to be replaced immediately. Tires with this little tread are unsafe and can pose a danger if not replaced.

How to Get a Tire Quote at Dover Honda

If the time has come to replace your tires, you can get a quick tire quote online from Dover Honda. Here’s how it works:

  1. Click the “Get My Tire Quote” on this page.
  2. Select the tire size and exact tire you want to purchase and click “send quote to dealer”.
  3. Tires with the O.E. label are the manufacturer-recommended tires for your vehicle.
  4. Your tire quote will pop up. Note that this is just a quote; no purchase has been made.
  5. A member of our team will call you within 15 minutes to verify the tires and schedule your service.
  6. Tires and services will be paid for after the service is completed.

Please call us if you need any help in getting your tire quote!

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